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Friends and Family

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Even though it is beginning to get hot in Arizona, it seems like we have an influx of visitors...which makes us very happy!  Below you will see photos of 2 of our beloved friends: Br. Francis Edkins, CFR and Kellie Taylor.  Both of them recently got a first class tour of the building site.  We [...]

5 years ago today…”Habemus Papam”

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Be sure to check out Dreams to Reality to see lots of new pics of the Chapel...with more to come!5 years ago...Let's see, five years ago today, we were at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, preparing to come West - with all the final packing and preparations being made.  More specifically, 5 years ago today, the Sisters [...]

stone, precast, westies

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This photo is deserving of a great and humorous caption! Just looking at it, makes me smile!Joe's posture makes me think he is givingSr. Esther Marie a hard time. No...not Joe (smile, smile).Last Thursday we traveled to Tonopah to see the construction progress and meet with our trusty construction crew.  All I can say is: WOW.  The [...]

Nun Run Photos – Up and Running

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Click here to check out all the photos![email protected]/At long last the photos are up and ready to be downloaded!  The Nun Run was a smashing success - destined to be annual event to bring community together in such a unique way!There are TONS of pictures taken by our dear friend and professional photographer: Jeff Fuentebella.  [...]