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The Humanness of It All

By | 2011-04-25T04:27:00+00:00 April 25th, 2011|Nun News Blog|

Our THANKS to our dear friend, Fr. Fred Adamson, for celebrating Holy Week and Easter with us!!!There is something in the human heart that rejoices in solemnity - the pomp and circumstance that properly marks certain liturgical feasts and life-moments.  Simultaneously, there is also something in the human heart that rejoices when such solemnity is [...]

“This, that, and the other thing…”

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This is going to be a 'this, that, and the other thing' newsy blog!1.) On May 5th, EWTN's Life on the Rock, Doug Barry will unveil his basket for largest out of state fundraiser!  Yay. Sr. John-Mark will do a phone interview on the show.  Don't miss it!2.) Jeff Fuentebella's 1400 AWESOME Nun Run Photos [...]