Desert Nuns

Set the World On Fire

“If you are what you are meant to be, you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena Just prepare yourself, OK? – cause this is gonna be a little bit of a weird post.  It’s gonna be about birds.  Bird watching is actually a favorite past time and has been since I was... [Read more...]

Requiescant in Pace

Let us remember to pray for the blessed repose of the soul of long time friend Deacon Bill Steltemier, who died on Feb. 15th after a lengthy illness.  It’s hard to hear the words: “Thank You Jesus!” without hearing Deacon’s Bill’s voice saying them!  This was his constant... [Read more...]

Contemplative Solidarity

When news reached us that our beloved Holy Father, as of February 28th, would resign from his ministry as Successor of St Peter, we were all stunned.  I had to keep repeating it to myself in order for it to become a reality: “OK, the Holy Father is resigning because he feels that his strengths,... [Read more...]

Wee Lil’ Things

Great souls pay much attention to little things.”  I love the story about St. Francis de Sales who while looking upon a beautiful rose cried out: “Stop shouting at me!”  The beauty of God was so evident, so tangible, so manifest in the beauty of a rose. A saint looks upon beauty... [Read more...]

Healing Mass and Eucharistic Holy Hour

In honor of Our Lady of Lourdes and in this Year of Faith, we will be having a Healing Mass and Eucharistic Holy Hour on Saturday, February 16th @ 10 a.m. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Fred Adamson.  After Mass, there will be a time for Eucharistic Adoration, followed by individual benediction. This... [Read more...]