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That’s What Love Does

By | 2015-03-29T03:42:52+00:00 March 29th, 2015|Nun News Blog|

I have a charmingly mischievous 4-year-old niece who is queen of the unexpected! Recently, after she left my parents’ house, my mom found a band-aid on her crucifix. Right there on Jesus’ upper arm was placed a small band-aid. It was a spontaneous and loving gesture from the pure heart of a child.  Perhaps it [...]

Solidarity of His Love

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     What gives us true freedom, true salvation and true happiness is the compassion, tenderness and solidarity of His love. Christ’s poverty which enriches us is His taking flesh and bearing our weaknesses and sins as an expression of God’s infinite mercy to us. - Pope Francis This Lent has brought many visitors to Our [...]

The Legacy of Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

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The flu has visited our community, inviting some of us to a different sort of Lenten penance than originally planned. I spent the greater part of my own 'forced retreat' with some good friends, just catching up. Yes, St. Therese and Pope St. John XXIII were happy to keep me company, being that germs are [...]