Group Shot II
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On May 1, 2005, the Phoenix Foundation officially began – as we piled in the mini-van and headed West. There were many tears, as we left Mother, the Nuns, and all that was familiar to us.  But there was a great excitement as well – as we embarked on the journey that Our Lord invited us to make…with Him and for Him.

Arriving in Phoenix about 5 days later (we took our time driving out here), we all knew we were coming home! And that is just what Phoenix has been for us these 5 years: HOME. Since our arrival, the diocese of Phoenix has become family to us. Interceding for the needs of teh faithful here has been our main way of explaining why a contemplative monastery is so necessary for a diocese. Email after email, phone call after phone call: so many people have entrusted to us the their needs – so that we can interecede for them as we adore Our Eucharistic King. Burdens, joys, hopes, disappointmentsP we have been privileged to share all of this with those who ask for our prayers.

It’s hard to imagine life without knowing so many of the wonderful people in Phoenix – our Bishop and Priests and Deacons, the Seminarians and Religious, our benefactors, friends, all the faithful we have met at the parishes or the grocery store, the children at schools that we have visited: Our Hearts are Filled to Overflowing! So to all of you, please be assured of how happy we are to be here in Phoenix – serving the diocese through our life of prayer and adoration. We thank you for your friendship and your support.

To celebrate our 5th Anniverary, we went out to Tonopah. Bishop James Wall, our friend since arriving in Phoenix (and is now the Bishop of Gallup, NM), offered Mass. We were blessed to have 2 Franciscan Friars with us as well: Fr. Mark Mary, MFVA and Br. Francis, CFR. A few friends also joined us for this beautiful celebration. Below is a video of it that we hope you enjoy! Also, check out the photos on Flickr!