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A Lever and a Fulcrum

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“Archimedes said: ‘Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I will raise the world.’ What he was unable to obtain because his request had but a material end and was not addressed to God, the Saints have obtained in full measure. For fulcrum, the Almighty has given them Himself, Himself alone! For lever, prayer, which enkindles the fire of love; and thus it is that they have uplifted the world, thus it is that saints still militant uplift it, and will uplift it till the end of time.” – St. Therese

Today is the 125th Anniversary of St. Therese’s entrance into Carmel. Reflecting today on Therese, I tried to imagine the world without her YES. I tried to imagine myself without her friendship and influence and intercession. I tried to imagine the world without the Little Way.  I am so grateful for her YES to follow Christ in the Religious Life at the age of 15 – a YES that was daring and uncompromising. Her YES to Jesus – so full of freedom and hope – changed the world.

Yesterday we celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation. We remembered Our Lady’s YES and we remembered the YES of the Son. How can our hearts be filled with anything but gratitude and wonder! “And the Word was made Flesh and dwelt amongst us…”

And, in the midst of all this celebration, I think of my own YES. And of your YES.

A YES that daily we have the opportunity to repeat and deepen. A YES that finds a voice in the YES of our Mother Mary, in the Saints, in our brothers and sisters striving for holiness. A YES that uplifts the world, though we be hidden and little. A YES that enkindles a fire of love, though it be spoken in the midst of an arid desert. A YES that delights the heart of the Father, and from where flows all our joy.


Look who joined us for dinner! St. Therese! – and she even brought us some of her favorite sweets – eclairs! (with a little help from Sr. Marie Andre!)


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2 Responses to “A Lever and a Fulcrum”
  1. Judy Carlisi says:

    How funny! I just used a similar analogy on my nfp blog regarding a pulley and a wheel and axle. NFP works but not in the way a machine works. We are not machines. NFP works in other ways that go beyond function. to read the “More than series” More than Amore, More than Words, More than Granola, More than a Machine

  2. James says:

    I was thinking about and talking with the Little Flower recently and this article pops up. I love St. Therese with all my heart. She is so beautiful in my eyes.. magnificent! I had a vision of her when I was just 8 years old after I asked God what is the truth, what must I follow, and as I lay on my bed my head moved effortlessly and looked into the corner of my bedroom, as the light shone through the door, I seen her standing there like a statue; I asked God previously to show me something that wouldn’t frighten me. My eyes watched as I called my dad.. who has past away with cancer.. I heard his footsteps, but he didn’t get very far, She disappeared before my eyes – a true story, although this story is shortened. There are many more experiences I have had with God who I love immensely. I will prey tonight that some graces will be granted to you sisters.

    Keep the faith! God loves you all very much.

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