Hello to all!  I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at our website, but you might notice yet another blog.  Wondering why 2 blogs?  Wondering where to look for updates?  No worries…allow me to explain “the method behind the madness”!

This blog will still be used for short building updates, monastery news, reflections and so on.  The newest blog will be used for more intensive building updates, links, wish lists, fund raising progress, and so forth.  In this way we can utilize the Dreams to Reality link and build upon it to keep regular updates and information coming your way!!!  All major changes to the Dreams to Reality blog will be noted here so that you can keep up.  You’ll also notice a link to both the Nun Run blog and the Dreams to Reality blog now included in the side bar, in additon to an easy link back to our website!

So a quick update: the dome arrived on site today…in pieces, but the steel is there.  Hooray!    You’ll notice the large cross sitting atop the dome’s compression ring.  The curved steel framing is behind it on the ground.