With the record breaking rain falls all over the Valley of the Sun, we were NOT left out!  We always say that rain is a reminder of God’s grace…well, boy oh boy, on Our Lady’s birthday (9/8) we surely had plenty of reminders of this grace!!!!

Do you remember the classic 80’s George Strait song: Ocean Front Property?

I got some ocean front property in Arizona.
From my front porch you can see the sea.

Well, it almost seemed like it was going to happen!  OK, that’s an exaggeration…but at least it seems, for the time being, we got some lake front property in Arizona 🙂

We’ve never been so grateful for retention basins!  Here’s a few pics from today…though the water has already receded a bit from the initial accumulation 2 days ago!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3