You never know what each new day will bring. At the end of October, we entered our first chili cook-off – at the invitation of Fr. Billy Kosco – at St. Henry’s Catholic Church. Upon moving to Tonopah, we will fall within the parish boundaries of St. Henry’s! So we took this opportunity to get to know our new neighbors.

How wonderful it was to meet all of these fantastic people. We were welcomed with open-arms and feel confident that we will find lots of friends out in the West Valley.

Perhaps you are wondering: Well, what about the cook-off? Well, let us fill you in on some of the details. Our chili’s name was LIKE NUN OTHER. It was a mild Buffalo Wing Chicken Chili. At the graciousness of the judges, we won the following awards: Best Name, Most Unusual Chili, and People’s Choice!

It was a night of great fun and fellowship. We look forward now more than ever to our move to Tonopah. We look forward to getting to know all the West Valley families and anticipate great friendships.

As for the building update: It’s coming :O) Please be patient. Since our kick-off construction meeting, things have been so busy. But be of good heart – we’ve got lots of pictures and lots to share. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do that soon. Till then, know our prayers are with you!