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Cor ad Cor Loquitur

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Listen, little poor ones called by the Lord, who have come together from many parts and provinces, live always in truth, that you may die in obedience.  Do not look at the life without, for that of the Spirit is better.”

– Our Holy Father St. Francis of Assisi


On April 16th through April 19th, we were blessed to host a PCPA Formation Workshop here at Our Lady of Solitude.  PCPAs flew in from AL, TX, and NC.  Presenters at the Conference included 2 Bishops (Bishop Olmsted and Bishop Wall), 2 Priests (Fr. Eugene Florea and Fr. Paul Sullivan), and 2 Nuns (Sr. Genevieve, OSB and Sr. Miriam, PCC).  It was a glorious time of learning, sharing, and fellowship.

Having all those Sisters here, some for the first time, and seeing them enjoy our little oasis in the desert brought immense joy to our hearts.  It was 10 years since were were all together like this – and so you can imagine the overflowing joy and gladness that each of us experienced!

The name of the Workshop was “Cor ad Cor Loquitur” – Heart speaking to Heart – and that appropriately sums up the week.

Our hearty thanks are extended to all of our wonderful presenters and to all the Sisters who attended!






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  1. Bob says:

    Such beautiful black and white photos. They have a very spiritual feel to them.

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