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Following the Light


Epiphany House Blessing 2015

“By the example of the Magi, with our little lights, may we seek the Light.” – Pope Francis

Over the years, I’ve found that the most popular question from a discerner to a vocation directress/director is: “What’s your story?”

Perhaps we might think that the most popular question might be one of the following: “What’s the life like?”; “What’s your daily epiphanyblessing1schedule?”, “How often can I see my family?”, “What’s the hardest aspect of religious life?” or “What brings you the most joy?”.

While these questions are very high on the charts, by far the most popular one is: “What’s your story?” – or a derivative of this like “How did you know you were called?”.

Epiphany7In the celebration of the Epiphany, we find the common thread of every vocation story:

“The destiny of every person is symbolized in this journey of the Magi of the East. Our life is a journey, illuminated by the lights which brighten our way, to find the fullness of truth and of love which we Christians recognize in Jesus, the Light of the World.” – Pope Francis

Every consecrated person can attest that all of our stories began by catching a glimpse of the Light, a Light so beautiful and so captivating that we are willing to risk everything in order to find its Source, in order to be united to that Light, in order to never be separated from its radiance.  And in order to be a beacon of this Light for the world and all those in darkness.

The details of each story are unique, the journey so different, the route either more or less direct…but always in the beginning was the Light.

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Epiphany4Over each doorway is written the blessing of the 3 Magi: 20+G+M+B+15 

I’ll conclude a quote from my newest favorite author, Fr. Stinissen:

To seek God is an adventure.  Nobody knows beforehand what lays ahead.  Just like the Magi, who wanted to adore the newborn king of the Jews, you will have to travel without a road map.  You will feel that you lose your way, get lost, and make time-consuming detours.  However in the eyes of God, it is always a straight highway as long as you deliberately seek only Him.

…Wholeness comes to you when you know why you are alive and whereto everything is aiming.  Faith is the star that leads you toward the goal.  If you do not lose sight of the star, you can rest secure that you will reach the goal.”


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2 Responses to “Following the Light”
  1. Hey Sister! Nice photos. I remember when I made a retreat at the old monastery and we did just the same thing, blessing the rooms and marking the entranceways with the Cross. Thanks for keeping up the important tradition. I am beginning to notice it now more in religious houses, so thanks, too, for a little “New Evangleization” on something old, tried and true.

  2. Deborah. C. Mcginty says:

    I have been working hard at learning why I am here….learning an important lesson to move me to the next. as I grew in wisdom and going only to God my Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit for direction, I find myself a lovegiver caregiver. God had me, 1 of 4 to take care of step father at home till he died. the same for mother 3 yrs later. oh, I was broken, depleated of all survival means. God course Our Father helped me thru. My adventure seeking God more is truely a venture. I like the Magi had no road map from a very early age, but from somewhere some how I had been given this special gift, I’m an empath just to put it short. I always felt God even before I really knew him. So many detours, road block and I ran from fox hole to fox hole to survive growing up. I seek my Lord. I am keeping my eye on the star. it is so hard!!! I will continually praise my Lord.

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