Praised be Jesus Christ! Boy, how time has flown since we were last in touch! Sr M Blogger says a major mea culpa for her tardiness!
I have to say there are so many fabulous things about religious life. We hear so many negative things and see so many ‘less then desirable'(and often exaggerated)images portrayed by the secular media about the religious life. And I think one of the most misconstrued ideas is that when you join religious life, or enter the seminary you leave your heart out of it, that you’re only part of a person. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can attest to that first hand. For of all the blessings of being a Spouse of the Lord, the best, aside from ‘living in His House and dwelling in His courts’, is the GREAT love I have received and tried in my own poor way to return to all the wonderful people Our Lord has placed in my path. How enriched my own poor heart has been from the many variety of people I have encountered, most especially my other sisters and Friars, to all their families, to the many priest’s and seminarians that I can honestly call FAMILY. Truly, he has broadened these little boundries of my own heart and filled it beyond capacity.May He be praised! Above you can meet two members of our ‘extended family’ on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon(I’ve been there several times and it always leaves me speechless!!!). Sr Esther Marie, Dcn. Mark, of the diocese of Washington DC, Sr Augustine, Fr Robert Reddy, a diocesan priest and great and faithful friend from Toronto, Canada and filling out the line is our own Sr Jeanette. Dcn. and Father’s visit overlapped and neither of them had seen the Canyon…so it was time for a road trip. Please keep Dcn. mark in your prayers as he will be ordained to the holy priesthood this June 2008.
Yes, here they are! Busy and using all their talents for the glory of God. Come and have a sneak peak into one of the architect meetings at Our Lady of Solitude. Sr St Paul is pictured with Carlos and Fatima, both from SSPW Architects. Today we all walked through the chapel(via the computer of course. It’s so beautiful!) Things are moving swiftly, and we are looking to have our groundbreaking in October, with construction starting in Jan or Feb ’08. Sr Fidelis is busy working on the update for the ‘Dreams to Reality’ page on the website, so please keep posted. There’s just SO much to show you all. We thank our friends at SSPW and the Longo’s for their hard work and love. And we thank you too, our family, for your faithful support and prayers. Be assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones before Our Eucharistic Lord.
Until next time, may Jesus be all your joy. In the Heart of Mary, Sr M Blogger