Even though it is beginning to get hot in Arizona, it seems like we have an influx of visitors…which makes us very happy!  Below you will see photos of 2 of our beloved friends: Br. Francis Edkins, CFR and Kellie Taylor.  Both of them recently got a first class tour of the building site.  We can’t help but show off that beautiful chapel 🙂  Just gotta love this pic of our favorite 6 ft 8 in Friar.  Smile, smile

It is the time for family visits as well. Sr. Augustine’s sister and family were here in March.  Then Sr. Marie Andre and Sr. Marie St. Paul’s mom just left today after a wonderful visit.  Sr. Esther Marie’s mom and Sr. Mary Fidelis’ mom and dad are coming in next week.  And Sr. John-Mark’s family will be coming for their visit at the end of May.  It’s wonderful to be able to share all the Lord is doing with our families – who offer such wonderful support and unconditional love!

Please be sure to check out the Dreams to Reality blog for an update on building progress and to see the latest and greatest of the Stained Glass Window (Beautiful – way to go Bovard Studios and Sr. Esther Marie).  Below is a pic of the completed lettering for the bottom portion of the 3 windows.