Fergus before "the summer cut"

Fergus before “the summer cut”


Sr. Augusta’s Clothing Ceremony,

A Refelction

by Fergus, the West Highland Terrier


It’s getting hot here in Arizona, so at the end of May, the Sisters decided it was time for the “summer cut”.  NOOOO!  Not the dreaded summer cut: Bye bye westie fluffy adorableness, hello ‘rat boy’!  In an effort to console me, they told me that Postulant Jennifer would be getting a haircut soon too (and a new name…I’m glad I get to keep my name).  It helped to know I wasn’t the only one being shorn of my beautiful locks…well, I guess it helped a little.


But really, I wasn’t prepared for her total transformation.  Sr. Marie St. Paul, the seamstress, had let me in to the sewing room during Jennifer’s fittings.  So I knew that, not only was she getting a haircut, but she was also getting the habit.  Sr. Marie St. Paul got a kick out of how moved I was upon seeing Jennifer in the habit.  Well, what can I say: she looked beautiful!

FullSizeRender[2]Then came the day of her actual Investiture Ceremony (that’s fancy for haircut-habit day).  Nothing could prepare me for when I saw her…I kept smelling her feet to be sure it was her.  I couldn’t stop looking at her.  I kept nudging her leg with my nose – that’s dog for “WOW – I am really proud of you!  You look great.  A natural!”

When I get groomed, I get shy.  But not Sr. Augusta.  She was beaming and happy and radiant and confident!  Ya, I’d say she got a grooming grace.  She helped me to accept the summer cut.  So I guess I got a grooming grace too.

The End

By Fergus, West Highland TerrorFullSizeRender[1]