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Just call me a paparazzi

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This blog post is long in coming.  Life got rather busy!  I have 2 blog posts started (according to the subjects requested in recent comments) – and I promise they are coming (one post on dryness in prayer and another on our identity as ‘woman’ – and living that out in the Church).  Thanks for your patience.  But this post will not fly to such lofty heights…it’s simply to say: Life is beautiful.

I have been thinking a lot about our hidden life here the desert.  Living it, thinking about it, immersing myself in it as if it were all new.  And how beautiful it is.  How absolutely beautiful it is!

All day today the Lord allowed me to experience the beauty of it – and thankfully I just so happened to be carrying a camera! OK, OK – you can call me a paparazzi! 🙂

The beauty of our life struck me when I walked into the Church and heard the Sisters chanting the Magnificat at the top of the hour, as one adorer took the place of the other.life1

The beauty of of it struck me as I poked my head out the back door to catch a glimpse of the sunset.  Instead I saw one of the Sisters making the Stations.  Silently, slowly – walking Station to Station.


The beauty of it struck me as I saw a Deacon retreatant sitting on a bench – surrounded by solitude – quietly praying.


Then, shortly after the sun set, my heart still pondering our life’s simple beauty…I read an article about the oldest living Sister in the world.  Today is her birthday; she turned 107.  (Happy Birthday, Sr. Candida)  These were her words:

“In my 80 years as a religious I have never regretted having chosen this vocation.  Only one who feels the happiness of being close to the Lord can understand how abundant his love is for us and how much peace he gives our heart.”

By golly, that’s it!  “Only one who feels the happiness of being close to the Lord can understand…”  Yes, Sr. Candida, I think that reaches to the heart it.  In my short 18 years of Religious Life, this is the same truth I have experienced time and again and again, brand new each day.  To live so near the Lord…yes, that is what makes my life so beautiful!

(On a side note – to help enable us to continue living this beautiful life of solitude and silence, we are having a big fundraiser!  It’s called the Nun Run and it’s happening on March 8th! Heard of it?!! It’s time to register for the 10K, 5K or 1mi!!!  Get an early bird discount by registering before February 23rd.  Check out the Desert Nun Run Website for more details:

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5 Responses to “Just call me a paparazzi”
  1. Judy Kallmeyer says:

    Yes, your life is beautiful. I so appreciate your reflection. Beauty does surround you on every front. Especially in the chapel where He Who is Beauty resides and beautiful Spouses kneel is joyful adoration. How blessed you are to have the Blessed Sacrament under your roof where you can visit Him any time of the day or night. How beautiful is that! Everything you see and hear can so easily lift your mind and heart to the Lord. Surely the desert itself declares the glory of God. How blessed are you in this beautiful life! Cherish it always!

  2. John Stevenson says:

    How wonderful! I am gifted to read such a comment from Sister Blogger and to read the words of the oldest living sister in the world is truly a bonus, Thank you dear sisters

  3. Tina says:

    It is a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing the beauty you are blessed to see.

  4. sue says:

    we all need to find a place of solice in our lives-thanks for sharing yours.

  5. Peggy says:

    Your reality of what makes you happy is the same reality for all of us, whether it is the desert or the mountains or the ends of the earth…..your reflection allows our minds to wonder and see how far each of us has strayed from the simpleness of being close to Jesus. If each of us took a camara in our lives I wonder if we would see the same. I think I will try and whatever blocks my view of Him I will hit the trash button. Thank you Sister!

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