Before the dome was lifted, a talented Haydon Building Corp member took this photo!  I love photos of the cross in shadow!  We rest in its shade and learn what it means to stay near JESUS at all times.

And isn’t that what Lent is all about – through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving – we learn how to remain united to the Lord in love.  We receive the grace to stay near Him in good times and in bad – safe in the shadow of His Cross.

Friends, as this Lent begins, I am overcome by such a sense of HOPE.  These forty days are sure to bring challenges, self-knowledge, and maybe some frustration, but these are days of GRACE, of NEARNESS to the LORD, of UNION of HEARTS, of SILENCE, and PERSPECTIVE.

The chapel is going up – one stone at a time – so quickly that we can hardly keep up with all the progress.  With construction meetings, the Nun Run quickly approaching, and our daily schedule of prayer and work, LIFE IS REALLY BUSY!  Perhaps the Lord is allowing us a taste of what all of you go through on a regular basis – there just doesn’t seem to be enough time! 

And yet, right in the midst of it all, Lent sneaks up on us.  And the Lord says, “SLOW DOWN.  Spend more time with Me.  Get the perspective of the Cross – look through the lens of eternity.  Seek Me in the shadow of My Cross.” 

And so that is what we are doing this Lent, and especially this week as our community enters into its annual retreat.  Silence, prayer, spiritual conferences by Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P.  Returning to the quiet of our contemplative life – foretasting what the Lord has prepared for us in Tonopah…and above all, of course, in HEAVEN.  So we ask for your prayers, that this will be a holy time, a fruitful time, a time of ever deepening love for the Lord, conversion of heart, and peace of soul.  And we promise you our prayers – as we carry all the intentions of our benefactors, families, and friends with us on this retreat!  In a special way we remember Pope Benedict XVI and the Papal Household as they too are on their Lenten retreat this week!

So this will be the last blog for at least a week!  Enjoy some photos below from Feb. 19th.  You will notice that the Tau Cross was installed on the front peak of the Chapel.  AWESOME!  Also, the mock up of the stone for the Chapel and the precast concrete moldings.  Doesn’t it look beautiful!  OK – till next week…