It is definitely monsoon season in the desert.  We’ve had cloudy skies, rain, and cool temps (OK, ‘cool’ is a relative term.  It was under 100 degress – so that’s cool).  Sr. John-Mark and I were taking the puppies out last night, and she made a bold statement: “Wow, the breeze is actually cool.”  Again, cool is a relative term.  In any case, we are enjoying monsoon season! 

Rain in the desert brings much joy.  For us, it is a sign of graces pouring down upon the earth.  Monsoon season, then, is a time of grace!!!!  We experienced some of this grace this past week.  We had the great joy of having 2 of our CFR friends and brothers here for a visit: Br. Jeremiah and Br. Joshua.  We are so grateful for their friendship and support! 

On Thursday, July 22nd (Feast of St. Mary Magdalene), we headed out to Tonopah to show off the building site.  We were joined by two of our other friends and supports: Fr. Fred Adamson and Fr. Greg Menegay! 

This was one of our first visits to the land that was actually overcast.  The differing shades of the stone, dome slate, and roof tile all look so different without the sun shining down on them – equally as beautiful…but different! 

They began putting up the medieval-themed light fixtures while we were there.  They need to be lowered a bit, but look really awesome.  Check out the ceiling in the chapel – it looks wonderful.  While we were there they began unpacking some of the custom made floor tile scenes.  WOW.  Pics coming soon 🙂