I wonder sometimes if we’ll ever get used to the idea that this chapel is really being built…right before our very eyes.  Each time we go out to the land to see the progress, I am still surprised to see the lofty structure rising out of the barren desert.  It shocks the system!  This is really happening…and it is marvelous to see.  I hope you enjoy the photos below.  Also be sure to check out the dreams to reality link for an updated video. 

Captions for the photos as follows:
#1 Meet Joe our Project Manager from Haydon.  We really are blessed to have Joe on board.  He is a great listener, eager to help, answers our myriad of questions, and supports us along the construction journey.  Thanks, Joe.

#2  Wait a minute!  Is there an unfamiliar face in this photo?  You bet!  Kneeling down on the left you will see Sr. Marie St. John from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in AL.  She is out visiting for the week.  It just so happens that she is Sr. Esther Marie’s blood sister (she is about 11 months older than Sr. Esther).  So this photo contains 2 sets of blood sisters: the Campbell nuns and the Gilbert nuns!  Now that’s pretty neat!

#3  Meet Steve.  He is our site superintendent.  Each time we see Steve we are struck by the fact that he has everything under control.  He’s very much on top of the job.  It’s so wonderful to have such capable men on the job.  The fact that he is so nice, friendly, and trustworthy doesn’t hurt either!

#4  Does the structure seem a bit higher to you from the last photos?  If you answered YES, then you are absolutely RIGHT.  The masonry wall is rising, rising, rising – now at approx. 28 ft.  WOW.

#5.  Take a good look at the inside of the dome – because you’ll never see it again…at least like this.  Last time we were out we got a photo of the cross that sits atop the dome.  It was VERY tall, nearly as tall as I am.  Now that it sits atop it’s pedestal on the dome itself, it looks so small.  Gives you a good idea of how tall that dome is.  We need your prayers – because they need to hoist that dome on top of the chapel.  That will be accomplished in early/mid February.  But it is never too soon to ask for prayers.  How exciting!  We hope to be present as it is lifted and promise to get video so we can share it with you…almost as good as being there yourself 🙂

More photos soon.  Till then…stay close to Jesus!