OK – so the Nun Run is now only one week and one day away!  It’s not too late to register!!!!  With South Carolina, Vermont, Delaware, and Rhode Island joining the fun, we now only have 4 states yet to be represented: UTAH, MONTANA, HAWAII, and ALASKA!!!  Spread the word to anyone you know in those states to sign up today 🙂
We have some big news.  The press is taking this story and running with it (no pun intended!)  Next week will find the Nun Run in the News.  Be sure to mark your calendars and, if you can’t watch live, be sure to set your tivo for the following shows:
– Monday, March 7th: Fox 10’s morning show 9:35 and 9:55 a.m. live remote segments with Corey;  The Bishop’s Hours on Immaculate Heart Radio (1310 am) at 10 a.m. 

– Ash Wednesday, March 9th: Fox News NY Fox & Friends slated for 8:45 a.m. EST (depending on the news of the day, the nuns could appear anytime between 6 am EST and 9 a.m. EST – for those here in AZ, that translates to 4 am and 7 am)

 – Thursday, March 10th: The Bishop’s Hour Encore Presentation at 9 p.m.; 12 News Hero Central at 10 p.m.  
all of this media coverage is due in large part to Kim and Nancy.  Thank you, ladies!  You are the best!!!!