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P1110368On February 8th, we invited all to come and see Our Lady of Solitude Monastery Chapel!  To celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life, we had an open house, tour and reception.  The day far exceeded our hopes!  People from all over the Valley joined us.  It was simply glorious.  With a Chapel FULL of wonderful folks, we prayed together, celebrated Mass together, then Sister John-Mark led the visitors on a tour of the Chapel – including the soon-to-be cloistered portions.  This gave us an opportunity to share our beautiful life with so many who support us year in and year out.  The day concluded with a light reception and wonderful fellowship.  It was wonderful to have this opportunity to explain our hidden contemplative life and to share our firm hopes for the future construction of the Monastery (with full trust in God’s Providence and the generosity of His children in making this possible!).

For those who were unable to attend, we took photos to share with you.  Our hearty thanks to all of our benefactors and friends here in Phoenix and beyond.  And to those who were able to attend, THANK YOU FOR COMING!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂

The next YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE event is a Eucharistic Holy Hour and Vespers on Saturday, February 28th @ 4 p.m.

Also, be sure that the NUN RUN is on your calendars: SATURDAY, MARCH 7th.  Register before February 22nd to get the best price!



Visitors praying Morning Prayer with us


Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Mass begins


Fr. Anthony distributing Holy Communion


The tour begins at the Pieta statue


Explaining the plans for our future Monastery


Visitors in our soon-to-be- cloistered Adoration Chapel


Our Adoration Chapel where we will also pray Divine Office


“Savior in Repose” – Holy Saturday is our patronal Feast



Sister points out the lovely Angel windows!


Visitors tour the soon-to-be cloistered Mass Chapel


This stained glass traces our history to the present


The Sisters enjoyed meeting all the visitors


And there were snacks!…which these two thoroughly enjoy 🙂


Our chaplain, Fr. Anthony, meeting one of the visitors


Sr. Mary Fidelis enjoying a good laugh with friends.


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4 Responses to “Open House Photos”
  1. Mary Rogers says:

    Thank you for those wonderful pictures,made me feel like I was there and with the grace of the good Lord I will be able to visit someday soon. The peace that you send through your notes and blogs gives me the ability to carry on with everyday life, life is good and we all should enjoy what we can and with your site we can.

    You sisters are in so many hearts and loved by so many.


  2. Judy K says:

    Dear Sisters,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your Open House with those of us who were unable to be there. I am glad that there was such a good turnout and that so many took the opportunity to meet you and to learn something of your special vocation.

    Thank you for saying “Yes” to the Lord’s invitation and living your lives in total dedication to Him. People just do not understand the contemplative vocation and I hope that meeting with all of you helped to foster a greater comprehension of what your life means, and what a treasure it is.

    May continued and many blessings be yours!

    In His Heart,
    Judy K

  3. Mistakes shadow my days, as St. Paul what i know to be good i cannot. I seek Our Lord Jesus while living in the moment of God’s Eternity. Fear’s faced Hands at work in pure prayer. No more searching, Jesus our Lord is everywhere.

  4. Carrie Gilman says:

    Where are you building this cloister? What Order? Peace of Gacred Heart of Jesus community blogers. Carrie, Marietta,Ga.

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