July 28, 2007
Welcome Ladies and Gents, to the first of many blogs concerning the happenings of the Poor Clares here in fair Arizona.

Being the spiritual daughters of our Rev Mother Angelica, we want to use all that our modern media makes available for the glory of God, and the furthering of His Eucharistic Kingdom.Through these weekly blogs, sometimes bi-weekly, we’ll be able to communicate to you in a more informal and personal way all the news on the building project and special feast days or events in our lives that we want to share with all our friends and supporters. So let’s get down to business.

As you all know, we have been working on the plans for the new monastery. It has gone through many changes in thought and on paper, and what has evolved is a beautiful, medieval monastery. The drafters are working on the blue-prints as we speak and we look forward to showing them to you. But before that, Sr Fidelis hopes to have the ‘Dreams to Reality’ page all updated by mid-August with beautiful new pictures of some the new renderings of the chapel and (this is what we are most excited to share with you all) the BEAUTIFUL hand-carved altar and life-sized sanctuary crucifix that has been recently finished by Alexander our good friend, who also happens to be a phenomenal Italian wood carver.

OK, I don’t want to make this to long, (too late, right?) but I can’t sign off with out reminding you of the big Franciscan feast day that is coming up. August 2nd is the feast of Our Lady of the Angels or Portiuncula (‘little portion’) as some call it. This chapel was the dearest place to our Holy Father Francis, it was the birth place of all three orders, and it is also the place that Francis breathed forth his soul to God. It still continues to be a place of pilgrimage today, being literally inside the larger church of Our Lady of the Angels which was built on top of it.

This feast has a gift for everyone, whether you’re Franciscan or not. It is called the Portiuncula Indulgence, and St. Francis, in the year 1216 obtained this privilege directly from the Pope himself. On August 2nd, all who piously visit any Catholic church (in the past it had to be a Franciscan church, but was made more accessible in recent times. It can be your parish church, or one that is close to you) and fulfill the requirements listed below can receive a plenary indulgence. A blessed and happy feast day to all.

Make a pious visit to a Catholic Church on August 2nd
Sacramental Confession (during the eight days before or after);
Participation in the Holy Mass and Holy Communion;
A prayer for the Pope’s intention, (usually an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be are said) in order to reaffirm one’s membership in the Church, of which the Roman Pontiff is the foundation and sign of visible unity.

Last but not least…the feast of Our Lady of the Angels on August 2nd also begins the 9-day novena to Our Holy Mother St Clare whose Feast day is August 11th. Please see the home page for details on the novena and how to email us your prayer intentions to be remembered during the novena. The prayer is listed, so feel free to print it out and join us in thanking God for this great saint.

Thank you all for your prayers in the past, please know how grateful we are for your enthusiastic support and love. We return that love through the Heart of Our Eucharistic Lord. May He bless your through Our Lady’s hands.

Talk to you soon…Sr. Mary Blogger