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“You Are A Priest Forever…”

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To devote ourselves to Jesus in the Eucharist, to the Church, to the interests of the glory of God, to the extension of the Kingdom of Our Lord, these are our duties. And do not say that, because of our humility, it is too great a vocation. As adoring souls, we must lead all souls to Jesus, but principally the souls of Priests. In our holy Constitutions, in effect, we are told that we must not be content with our own sanctification, but we must make it our business to pray for the missionaries. All those who have the care of souls should be the object of our supplication. To reach sinners, holy Priests are needed; to direct chosen souls, holy Priests are needed; and for us too, for the fervor of our little Community, holy Priests are needed. Finally, who will give us Jesus in the Sacrament of Love if not the Priest?”

-Mother Marie de Ste. Claire, PCPA Foundress

iconAlChrstT[1]Here in the Diocese of Phoenix, as in most other dioceses, we are on the brink of “Ordination season”.  What a glorious time of year!  And with the increased summer temps, all of us desert-dwellers have something to “offer up” to God for the ordinandee. 🙂  See, truly all things (even those 3 digit summer days) God works for the good of those who love him! (Romans 8:28).

We have about 2 weeks before Diaconal Ordinations and not quite 1 month before Priestly Ordinations…let us spend this time interceding for our brothers who are preparing for ordination.   Join us as we specifically pray that their souls will experience an outpouring of the Father’s Merciful Love (to be ordained in the Year of Mercy…WOW).  We are also praying that they will be protected from all evil and, during these final days of preparation, will be held close to the Heart of Jesus and imbued with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!

On May 29th, at Ss Simon and Jude Cathedral, 3 men will be ordained to the transitional Diaconate:

  • Frank Cicero
  • Daniel Cruz
  • Timothy Seavey

And on June 11th, Feast of St. Barnabas, 4 men will be ordained to the Priesthood:

  • Rev. Mr. Sheunesu Bowora
  • Rev. Mr. Dan Connealy
  • Rev. Mr. Ryan Lee
  • Rev. Mr. David Loeffler

As we near June 11th, join us – daily – as we pray the following prayer for the Diocese of Phoenix ordinandee:

Heavenly Father,

Source of all fatherhood on earth,
we humbly beseech You to abundantly bless Deacons Sheunesu, Dan, Ryan, and David,
whom You have called to the share in the Sacred Priesthood of Your Son.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,
they will be configured to Christ the one High Priest and thus be Your instruments
for the salvation of the world:

“This is my body, which will be given up for you.”

Through their total gift of self in celibacy, inspire them to perfectly imitate Jesus
and so lay down their lives for His Bride, the Church.
Thus may they bear witness that God must be loved above all things.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of Priests, pray for them!


To pray for holy Priests and for more Priests: “This is essentially a Franciscan mission.” – Mother Marie de Ste. Claire


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2 Responses to ““You Are A Priest Forever…””
  1. Lisa & Baby says:

    I had been praying for Deacon Shea as we call him from St. Vincent DePaul Parish, as he worked there as a brother, so he is near & dear to us. But now I will include the other 3. I figured all kinds of junk from the father of lies & junk would be sending stuff their way to give them a tough go of it, during this last leg of the journey as a Deacon to become a Priest. I am also, looking forward to being there to witness this very beautiful occasion. So cool that these men want to give it all for Jesus & the Church. In a world full of so many pulls & attractions, this is truly a big time Blessing from Almighty God to us in the Diocese of Phoenix. And we are very grateful. God Bless these awesome Priests!

  2. Betty Souza says:

    My Carmelite Secular Community prays for Seminarians as one of its apostolates. We pray for the Seminarians studying in Denver. For several years I have prayed for now Fr. Bowora. Personally I continue to pray for these men once ordained. It is a pleasant surprise to see his name here!
    Blessings to all.

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