Something else that Our Lady’s Presentation makes me think of is perseverance. In the evocative iconography associated with this feast, the Child Mary is shown moving away from her parents as she climbs the steps of the Temple. Mary does not look back and, in a clear reference to the evangelical admonition, she moves forward with determination.”

– Pope Francis

Today we celebrate the Memorial of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple.  Pope Francis’ words quoted above, about perseverance, are seen in their culmination in the photo below.

When we belong to the Lord, we have nothing to fear!

web_sunsetToday, in honor of Our Lady’s total belonging to God, we celebrate Pro Orantibus Day – when we remember “All Those Who Pray” – a.k.a. all cloistered religious.  It is a day when all of us here give thanks to God for calling us to Himself and giving us the grace to respond with Our Lady: “Thy Will be done”.  Like her, may we remain faithful to Him all the days of our life and so be united to Him for all eternity in Heaven.