P1100583This is a follow up to our “Habemus Papam!” blog, where all the Sisters offered their reflections on the new Holy Father.  Sr. Tara needed some extra time to ruminate.  Drum roll please…here’s her rumination results:

“Francis?… Francis… Francis!… FRANCIS!!! I am moved most by the fact that our new Vicar of Christ, the Servant of Servants, Supreme Pontiff, our PAPA, wishes to be know as Francis. These past few days have been filled with such wonder and delight in the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit, and I can’t help but be TOTALLY PSYCHED for our Church. Praise the Lord, we have a Father in Heaven, and from His limitless generosity and love, gives us a Father here on earth, Papa Francesco! Oh praise Him!”

Way to ruminate, Sr. Tara!  Long live Pope Francis!