Fr. Muir, Ruth, and Joe posing for a pic in the Chapel with Sr. Augustine and Sr. Fidelis

Whenever I see a rainbow, I must share it with someone!  It’s just too beautiful to keep for myself.  The Sisters are accustomed to my proclamations: “Come outside, there’s a rainbow.”  “Come outside and see the sunset.”  “Come outside and see the moon.”  “You’ve gotta see how the fig tree is growing.”  Come and see…it’s a constant refrain for me!  Given it has a scriptural link, I can get away with dragging my sisters outside to see all the miracles of the desert sky and landscape.

This COME AND SEE attitude flows over to our desert oasis in Tonopah.  Taking friends out to see the chapel progress brings us great joy.  “Come and see what the Lord is accomplishing!”  Witnessing their eyes light up, hearing the exclamations of joy and wonder, feeling the excitement grow – it’s all such a testament to the Providence of God at work in this deserted place.

Sr. John-Mark’s reaction EACH TIME she goes to visit Tonopah is the best on record: immediately her eyes fill up with tears and she says: “I just can’t believe this.”   I think it’s what each of us experiences – it just comes flowing – so freely – from the heart of our white-veiled Sister.  And it’s good to see.

Sr. Jean Steffes seeing the Chapel progress for the first time! 

Witnessing the plans progress from one grace-laden YES, to a piece of graph paper and a lot of dreams (and opinions…with 6 strong-willed women, what do you expect?!?), to the architects blueprints, to the shell of a building, to a beautiful structure, to a HOUSE OF GOD…well, it’s been quite a journey.

We look forward to when we can say to all of you: COME AND SEE.  That time is coming nearer – but is not here yet.  Many have been asking about when the Church will be open to the public and when the date for consecration will be set.  All of that is still up in the air – so we ask for your continued prayers.  There are still some interior appointments that will take some time to get finished.  Daily Mass will not be available until after the Church is consecrated.  Please keep an eye on the blog and website for further details – as they become available.  Thanks for your support, prayers, and encouraging comments.  Check out the dreams to reality blog for more pics!

With all the trips back and forth from the land, with the packing, and other assorted activities that go along with moving 6 nuns, 3 cats, and 2 dogs, we’ve had to get some extra help with day to day work.  Here is our newest employee, Sir Thomas Percy as he learns data entry from our Novice, Sr. John-Mark Maria!  🙂