Yesterday, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sr. John-Mark Maria of St. Peter the Apostle became a professed Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration.  
It was a simply splendid Mass – such JOY, just pure joy.  Fr. Don Kline (Sr. John-Mark’s cousin) celebrated the Mass, with Fr. John Lankeit preaching the homily.  Other concelebrants included Fr. Eugene Florea, Fr. Matt Henry, Fr. John Muir, Fr. Paul Sullivan, and Fr. Theilo Ramirez.  Karen Williams and Roberta Klodt provided help with the music.  The Ladies of Solitude prepared a delicious reception for everyone.  
Sr. John-Mark’s parents, 2 aunts, and friend Bonnie flew in from OH for the occasion.  The Church was nearly filled to capacity with friends from near and far.  A large group from St. Henry’s in Buckeye was present, along with a great show of students and friends from ASU.  Old friends and new joined us as Sister publicly professed her Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience as an Extern Sister.  
Below is a video of some of the highlights that we captured on film.  More pics will follow.  Our good friend and photographer, Rita Lee, had camera in hand – so be sure to check back soon to see her shots.
The only ‘glitch’ of the day was the weather.  It was an uncharacteristic cold, rainy, windy winter day in AZ.  However, despite the fact that the tables and chairs for our outdoor reception were blown all over the place as Mass went on, the glitch really wasn’t a glitch at all.  You see, it’s a long standing tradition that the Lord upholds that when one of the PCPAs is professed or invested, it rains.  Mother often said that it was a sign of all the graces being poured down upon the Church and the world.  If that is the case, then let me tell you…Yesterday was a truly GRACE-LADEN day.  As I watched the rain come pouring down, I could only say to the Lord: “Yep, it’s Your Tradition!”  I felt a bit like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof as he sang: TRADITION…TRADITION!  
The sun kept trying to peak out of the clouds, but only succeeded to do so as Sister John-Mark professed her Vows.  We didn’t see this from the Mass Choir, but what we heard from ‘the people in the pews’ is that as Sister said the words of her Profession formula, a ray of sunlight came bursting in through the stained glass windows.  Yes, the Son was shining!  
Our congrats to Sr. John-Mark Maria!  – to a radiant, committed, zealous bride of Christ…congratulations!