This photo is deserving of a great and humorous caption! 
Just looking at it, makes me smile!
Joe’s posture makes me think he is giving
Sr. Esther Marie a hard time. 
No…not Joe (smile, smile).
Last Thursday we traveled to Tonopah to see the construction progress and meet with our trusty construction crew.  All I can say is: WOW.  The progress that has been made is marvelous.  The stone looks so awesome.  The roof beams are going in as well (as a matter of fact, by now, they are already in).  The dark stain finish looks fantastic.  Standing in the sacristy there is already a roof over our heads.  It’s awesome.  Everything is done to perfection.  The precast that goes around the windows is a delightful contrast to the stonework.  As I was gazing upon this beautiful structure, I looked beyond it at the mountains.  I was really struck by how it so harmoniously blends in with all the desert hues.

I can’t end this blog without sharing with you this great photo of the dogs.  It’s been awhile since they have been featured in any of the blogs.  Percy is the most photogenic dog that you’d ever want to meet.  He loves ‘posing’ for pics.  However, Fergus is not of the same opinion.  As soon as he sees the camera, he goes wild.  This photo of Ferg (with Percy’s snout featured in the lower right) just captures his crazy personality!  I thought you might enjoy seeing it.  And just to prove my point about Percy, below Ferg’s crazy pic, is our posing Sir Thomas Percy!!!