Desert Nuns
‘Be comforted, be comforted my people, thy Salvation cometh quickly’

Dear Friends, Praised be Jesus and Mary! Being few in number has its perks… especially around our birthday’s. Being smaller we’re able to ‘personalize’ our birthday’s more than we can in a larger community. As you can see from the photos, it has been birthday central around Our Lady of Solitude lately! To the right,... [Read more...]

To Niggle or Not To Niggle, That is the Question!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Hello all! We have lots of news to share with you. Just in case you haven’t checked out the website as of late, make sure you do. We had our Groundbreaking ceremony on October 30th…and what a blessed day it was! Bishop Olmsted, our faithful shepherd led us in asking Our Lord to bless the beginning of this holy endeavor.... [Read more...]

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Dear Friends, Praised be Jesus Christ! Long time no talk! Sr Mary Blogger is back in the saddle, although kudos go to Sr Blogger Marie for her excellent pinch-blogging! We are in the glorious month of October, and Fall is upon us.(Yes, we have Fall even in the desert!) With the temps an almost 40*cooler, we are all finding our selves coming out of... [Read more...]

Cats and Mice, Franciscan Friends? :-)

Hi Everyone! This is Sr. Blogger Marie 🙂 I am “pinch-blogging” this week. Things have been really busy here at OLS. But we didn’t forget about you all. We have just been temporarily detained from our computers lately. Unfortunately our cats haven’t been chasing the right mice. As you can see from the picture here our cat Fatty... [Read more...]

Friends and Family and following Our Lord

Praised be Jesus Christ! Boy, how time has flown since we were last in touch! Sr M Blogger says a major mea culpa for her tardiness! I have to say there are so many fabulous things about religious life. We hear so many negative things and see so many ‘less then desirable'(and often exaggerated)images portrayed by the secular media about the... [Read more...]

Special feasts, superiors and a sneak peak!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Grace and peace to ALL! ‘Lady thou art so great and powerful, that whoever desires grace yet does not turn to thee; would have his desire fly without wings.’ Those beautiful words come from the pen of Dante, and are a beautiful lead-in to the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is August... [Read more...]

To the God of Heaven give thanks!

In the name of the Lord who loves us, peace. That beautiful greeting is taken from a Letter attributed to St Barnabas from this morning’s Office of Readings. Indeed He loves us, and that love is the source of our peace. Not peace without struggle and warfare, but PEACE always and in all circumstances because of His Love. We pray this... [Read more...]

Hope you like our new “blogspot” – thanks for the great feedback

Hello everyone. It’s the ‘webmistress’ here. As you can see we have been busy getting this up and running. We hope to have an updated post up soon. With this new blogspot, you can send comments that can be posted, view archived blogs, email posts to your friends, and sign yourself up to be notified when the blog changes (see the “Subscribe... [Read more...]

Our First Blog

July 28, 2007Welcome Ladies and Gents, to the first of many blogs concerning the happenings of the Poor Clares here in fair Arizona. Being the spiritual daughters of our Rev Mother Angelica, we want to use all that our modern media makes available for the glory of God, and the furthering of His Eucharistic Kingdom.Through these weekly blogs, sometimes... [Read more...]