Advent Anticipation and Aspiring

By |2008-11-30T18:02:00-07:00November 30th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Grace and Peace! Hello all. Things have just been hopping around here. From birthdays to building projects and everything in between, I have let too much time slip away with out posting some news for you all. Hmmm, where should I start? Just in case you have not seen the website, we have officially begun [...]

Rainbow – Sign of God’s Faithfulness!

By |2008-11-29T18:10:00-07:00November 29th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Above is a photo snapped by our neighbor, Jack, on Thanksgiving Day. It seems that our good God is once again reminding us that He is FAITHFUL. Know that you were remembered in our prayers in a special way on Thanksgiving - as we offered our gratitude to God for our families, friends, and benefactors!Sister [...]

A Photo Blog!

By |2008-09-28T20:17:00-07:00September 28th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Below are some photos of things that have been happening here at Our Lady of Solitude! Photos include our visit with two of our MFVA Friars (Fr. Joseph and Br. Leo), some updated photos of Percy and Fergus, a visit to the canyon with long-time friend, Fr. John Caulfield, Sr. Esther Marie's 'mystery' birthday party!, [...]

“And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun…”

By |2008-07-08T19:53:00-07:00July 8th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Hail! I hope this finds everyone well, and bearing the heat for the love of God! This is a first! I have actually 'beat' the web mistress in posting pictures before her!!! The above action-shots are from this morning when three of our Phoenix Seminarians; Matt Henry, Rev. Mr. Robert Bolding and John Parks, joined [...]

Touring with the Poor Clares

By |2008-06-21T22:32:00-07:00June 21st, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Why are Srs Augustine Marie and Marie St Paul smiling so BIG? They are thinking of their trip 'Down Under'. Yes, these two 'wanna be' Aussies will be accompanying our Friars to World Youth Day in July and spending the week with our beloved Pope Benedict. Their joy and excitement are contagious...so much so that [...]

Familiar Faces and Puppy Poses

By |2008-04-26T22:22:00-07:00April 26th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Praised be Jesus Christ! I hope this finds you all well. I am sitting here with a steaming cup of hot tea, on an even steamier yet beautiful summer day at Our Lady of Solitude. I pray that your Eastertide has been a joyous one, and as it will be drawing to a close with [...]


By |2008-04-02T02:40:00-07:00April 2nd, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Meet our newest additions! Sir Thomas Percy and Bishop Fergus...check out our website for all the details! We are still working on getting the audio/video in sync :) We're not quite there yet. But we hope you enjoy seeing these little furry bundles of joy.We hope you had a holy and happy Easter. As we [...]

Puppy Love!

By |2008-04-02T01:59:00-07:00April 2nd, 2008|Nun News Blog|

We're still trying to get the audio and video right! Not quite there yet :)Still, we hope you enjoy our latest webcam video of our little pups - Sir Thomas Percy and Bishop Fergus. Check out the website for more details on our little pals!We hope all of you had a beautiful and holy Easter. [...]


By |2008-03-10T11:50:00-07:00March 10th, 2008|Nun News Blog|

Ok. I don't know about y'all; but come the Fifth week of Lent and I usually start reviewing how I have 'owned up' to all the things I promised the Lord I would do at the beginning. In all honesty, I have to admit I have not had the pluck to follow through with much [...]

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