“This, that, and the other thing…”

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This is going to be a 'this, that, and the other thing' newsy blog!1.) On May 5th, EWTN's Life on the Rock, Doug Barry will unveil his basket for largest out of state fundraiser!  Yay. Sr. John-Mark will do a phone interview on the show.  Don't miss it!2.) Jeff Fuentebella's 1400 AWESOME Nun Run Photos [...]

Nun Run 2011 – WOW!

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Sr. John-Mark rejoicing that the 10K is behind her!!!  Way to Go Sister!!!Hello faithful blog followers!  Here I am back in the saddle again after fighting a nasty flu that descended on me the afternoon of the Run.  I am just now getting to feel a bit better and well enough to update you all [...]

Fox and Friends!

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Enjoy this Fox and Friends Video of the spot that aired this morning on FoxNews.  A great big thank you to FOX for helping us publicize not only the NUN RUN, but also our fund-raising drive for the new Monastery!  In other news, Alaska signed up this morning.  That leaves only MT, UT, and HI!  [...]


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OK everyone - Tomorrow is not only Ash Wednesday (happy lent everyone, a more spiritual post about this holy season will be forthcoming!), but it is also the day on which the Sisters will appear on Fox & Friends.  This is the latest that we have heard:   The Show runs begins 6:00am EST.  And they [...]

Hero Central – Schedule Change!

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Hello everyone!  There's been a slight change regarding the air time for Lin Sue's Hero Central spot on the Nun Run.  It will air on MARCH 8th at 10pm on Channel 12 News.  Be sure to tune in!  Lin Sue's last feature with the Sisters last year was truly wonderful.

Nuns in the News – on TV and Radio!

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OK - so the Nun Run is now only one week and one day away!  It's not too late to register!!!!  With South Carolina, Vermont, Delaware, and Rhode Island joining the fun, we now only have 4 states yet to be represented: UTAH, MONTANA, HAWAII, and ALASKA!!!  Spread the word to anyone you know in [...]