Desert Nuns
Our First Tonopah Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration! Our Monastery Christmas: Fr. Fred Adamson celebrating Midnight Mass, Carols in the Chapel, and Veneration of the relic of the Crib of Jesus. There are moments in life when just for a moment time seems to stop, all of creation seems to hold its breath, and the silence... [Read more...]

Christmas at Our Lady of Solitude

A belated Merry Christmas to you all!  Tonight is New Year’s Eve and we are preparing to bring the New Year in at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.  We had a beautiful and holy Christmas – enjoying this time of grace, peace, and JOY.  Below is a slide show of photos and a video. ... [Read more...]

And so it continues…

Can you believe it!  YES!  Just as Haydon promised, the Chapel is coming ‘out of the ground’ by Christmas.  There it is, right before our very eyes.  What you see to the left is the west wall of the Chapel.  It’s wonderful to begin to get a visual of how tall it will be – the very tip top of the cross that sits atop the... [Read more...]

Sharing Some Christmas and New Years Memories

Hello to All.  Sorry that we’ve been ‘out of touch’ with you!  It’s no excuse, but things have been so busy!   Below is a little slideshow that we hope you enjoy.  It includes some photos of the priceless moments of this Christmas and the kick-off of 2009!   God is good.  He has provided us with more joy and excitement... [Read more...]

Rainbow – Sign of God’s Faithfulness!

Above is a photo snapped by our neighbor, Jack, on Thanksgiving Day. It seems that our good God is once again reminding us that He is FAITHFUL. Know that you were remembered in our prayers in a special way on Thanksgiving – as we offered our gratitude to God for our families, friends, and benefactors! Sister Mary Blogger will be putting up... [Read more...]

‘Be comforted, be comforted my people, thy Salvation cometh quickly’

Dear Friends, Praised be Jesus and Mary! Being few in number has its perks… especially around our birthday’s. Being smaller we’re able to ‘personalize’ our birthday’s more than we can in a larger community. As you can see from the photos, it has been birthday central around Our Lady of Solitude lately! To the right,... [Read more...]

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