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Visitors, Packing, Excitement

For some odd reason, we get a lot of visitors in the Summer.  We’re so grateful – but we pity them having to bear with the Arizona heat!  We feel like we are natives now – even spending some time outside in the habit in 115 degree heat.  Honestly, dry heat really is much easier to bear than humidity! Fr. John Caulfield, our ever... [Read more...]

Your Kind Offers…

As you may have guessed from our lack of blogging lately, things have been VERY busy.  We’ve had lots of guests, lots of construction meetings, and lots of things going on.  Please be sure to check out the dreams to reality blog for the more nitty gritty of construction.  There are some great new shots of the progress on that blog.  Stupendous... [Read more...]

5th Anniversary Celebration

Group Shot IIOriginally uploaded by Desert Nuns On May 1, 2005, the Phoenix Foundation officially began – as we piled in the mini-van and headed West. There were many tears, as we left Mother, the Nuns, and all that was familiar to us.  But there was a great excitement as well – as we embarked on the journey that Our Lord invited us to... [Read more...]

stone, precast, westies

This photo is deserving of a great and humorous caption! Just looking at it, makes me smile!Joe’s posture makes me think he is givingSr. Esther Marie a hard time. No…not Joe (smile, smile). Last Thursday we traveled to Tonopah to see the construction progress and meet with our trusty construction crew.  All I can say is: WOW. ... [Read more...]

Lent…in the Shadow of the Cross

Before the dome was lifted, a talented Haydon Building Corp member took this photo!  I love photos of the cross in shadow!  We rest in its shade and learn what it means to stay near JESUS at all times. And isn’t that what Lent is all about – through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving – we learn how to remain united to the Lord in love. ... [Read more...]

The Dome has been raised!!!!

Today on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the 24,000 lb dome (a little lighter than we were expecting) was raised up high – on the new chapel of Our Lady of Solitude.  The steel beams for the roof were also perfectly placed.  The JOY was tangible!   A HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful construction men who made this a flawless lift.  To Joe... [Read more...]

More Progress

I wonder sometimes if we’ll ever get used to the idea that this chapel is really being built…right before our very eyes.  Each time we go out to the land to see the progress, I am still surprised to see the lofty structure rising out of the barren desert.  It shocks the system!  This is really happening…and it is marvelous to see. ... [Read more...]

Slideshow of Construction Progress

Hope you enjoy this photo slideshow. I hope to have the photos on our main page with a more explanation soon. But I want to get something online ASAP so you can share our JOY!!! It’s absolutely phenomenal. I cannot tell you how overjoyed we all are to see the progress…OK more soon…here’s the photos: Make a Smilebox... [Read more...]

Another Blog????

Hello to all!  I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at our website, but you might notice yet another blog.  Wondering why 2 blogs?  Wondering where to look for updates?  No worries…allow me to explain “the method behind the madness”! This blog will still be used for short building updates, monastery news, reflections... [Read more...]

Nun Run Newz and Building Updates and Advent Hopes

NUN RUN NEWZ – March 20, 2010 OK…everybody get EXCITED!!!!  The nun run is quickly approaching.  Wanna run?  Sign up soon.  The sooner you sign up the sooner you can get your fundraising page – to help raise money for Our Lady of Solitude Building Fund.  You can ask people to sponsor miles or just donate toward your run/walk. ... [Read more...]

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