Before I entered the monastery I did not read much. I enjoyed reading bedtime stories to my nieces and nephews, I excitingly read restaurant menus and I longed for the Sunday comics to be delivered, but that was the extent of it. What, a cloistered nun who doesn’t like to read? Can it be? However, with the grace of God and the encouragement of my Sisters, I am getting a bit more accustomed to having a stack of books in my cell!

photoThe Father’s Tale, by Michael D. O’Brien, is not a likely place for a Nun like me to start. In the past, all 1,072 pages of it would have been used to prop open my door, literally. But now I can recommend this book 100% to you!

It is a tale of worry and love, of forgiveness and heartache, of family and trust, of faith and friendship, of adventure and danger! It is like our lives (well, hopefully not so much of the danger!) Enjoy!