Sadly it’s been awhile since we’ve posted a Reading Reverie Book Review…not because we aren’t reading! – but because the days have been going by so quickly and have left little time for blogging!  But a book has been making it’s rounds in the Monastery and it’s obvious that it is a MUST SHARE. 

The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise – authored by Cardinal Robert Sarah.

It is not a book to be rushed through or conquered!  It is a book to rest with, to ruminate, to read and reread, to relish, and to allow to reorient us. 

Because of our way of life here as contemplatives living in the desert, I have enjoyed the many references to the contemplative life, to a life imbued with both silence and solitude.  However, it is by no means a book only for contemplatives.  My own mom is reading it as well and said that she’s underlined just about the whole book – as each line truly speaks to the heart.  It is obvious that each word is born from a heart that has encountered the power of silence and is the fruit of the author’s deep prayer.  I am profoundly grateful to Cardinal Sarah.

I’ll let the book speak for itself by citing a few of quotes:

“To stand silently in God’s presence is to pray…”

Photo taken at Our Lady of Solitude Monastery by Sr. John-Mark Maria

“I am certain that God gives to each believer a heart capable to hearing the language of creation.”

and one more…

“Christ gave us the great silence of the Holy Spirit.  How can we forget Him?  If people wander away from the devouring fire of the Spirit’s silence, they always end up adoring idols.  It is necessary to tend the silent fire of Pentecost.  Without the Spirit’s silence, men are empty husks.”

And finally, before ending, I’d highly recommend reading a recent article about this book by Bishop Barron, where he masterfully highlights the Power of Silence in the Mass.