This is going to be a ‘this, that, and the other thing’ newsy blog!
1.) On May 5th, EWTN’s Life on the Rock, Doug Barry will unveil his basket for largest out of state fundraiser!  Yay. Sr. John-Mark will do a phone interview on the show.  Don’t miss it!

3.)  I don’t know if you’ve checked out the stained glass window page or not, but Padre Pio and John Paul II are both fully donated for and recently sent to production.  A great big THANK YOU to all those who made this happen.  We will be putting St. Anthony and St. Therese up soon – so that donations can begin for them. 

4.) The Chapel Dedication is quickly approaching on May 7th.  Because of our very limited amount of space in the Chapel, this is an ‘invitation-only’ event.  However, in order to have all of our friends and Our Lady of Solitude Family share in this joy, we have arranged for several days when a Mass of Thanksgiving will be offered – extending the celebration far beyond May 7th.  Here’s what is on the agenda:

  • Local Mass of Thanksgiving (for Tonopah and Buckeye residents) – May 28th at 10 am – celebrated by Fr. Billy Kosco
  • Mass of Thanksgiving with Fr. Fred Adamson – June 11th at 10 am
  • Mass of Thanksgiving with Bishop James Wall – September 24th at 10 am

If you are interested in attending one of these events, please contact us and we will email directions and more information.

5.)   Everyone is asking: OK, after the Chapel is dedicated and open to the public, what is the Mass schedule and what time will the Chapel open and close, etc.  All of this is being discussed and discerned and will be posted as soon as possible!  Keep checking back here or on the main website for details as they are decided.

6.) Last but CERTAINLY not least is the fact that amidst all of this busyness and preparations for the Dedication, things will slow down dramatically for us as we enter into Holy Week.  This is a time of retreat for us – and for the whole Church.  It’s a time to enter into the Passion and Death of Our Lord, awaiting with Our Lady the Resurrection of her Son.  The silence and solemnity of Holy Week brings us back to the one thing necessary: LOVE.  We see in Christ the Love that gave all, that held nothing back…not even a drop of His Blood.  He gave all for our salvation. 

In Pope Benedict XVI new book JESUS of NAZARETH, the following quote struck a cord within my own heart and it is my hope that it helps in your prayer this Holy Week:

“Jesus’ agony, his struggle against death, continues until the end of the world, as Blaise Pascal said on the basis of similar considerations (cf. Pensées VII, 553). We could also put it the other way around: at this hour, Jesus took upon himself the betrayal of all ages, the pain caused by betrayal in every era, and he endured the anguish of history to the bitter end.”