As mentioned in the previous blog, Sr. Marie Andre and I recently traveled to Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville AL for a formation conference.  Traveling in the middle of January is always a little dangerous with winter weather.  However, when you are traveling from Arizona to Alabama, you just don’t give it much thought.  Little did we know that we would arrive in AL amidst record breaking winter conditions! 

Through rain, sleet, ice and snow, we arrived safely at the monastery for the formation conference…albeit a bit late!  In addition to the wonderful meetings that filled our four day visit, we were able to meet the new Sisters who have joined since our coming to Phoenix.  This was a great blessing indeed!  Sharing ‘Foundation stories’, sharing fond memories of years past, and just catching up on all the Lord is accomplishing in our monasteries, this time provided wonderful moments of fellowship and encouragement. 

To read a bit about the actual conferences, check out Our Lady of the Angels blog!

front row: Sr. Marie St. John (AL), Sr. Isabella (AL), Sr. Mary Fidelis (AZ), Sr. Grace Marie (TX).  back row: Sr. Maris Stella (AL), Sr. Veronica (AL), Sr. Marie Andre (AZ)
As we were saying our final farewells, we posed for one last photo!  from left to right: Sr. Fidelis, Sr. Jacinta, Sr. Chiara, Sr. Maris Stella, Sr. Imelda, Sr. Paschal, Sr. St. John, Sr. Edith, Sr. Andre, and Sr. Veronica

Before heading home, we were able to spend the evening with Sr. Mary Fidelis’ parents (Charles and Peg Beach) and Sr. Esther’s mom (Adele Gilbert), and Fr. Anthony Mary, MFVA.  It was a family reunion from start to finish!