There are times when the very mention of spiritual reading makes one want to hide (cue Fergus):


Just too much to do, not enough time in the day!  The excuses can grow at an alarming rate: “My eyes are tired”, “I’d rather relax and watch TV” (cue Fergus):


Or, “I can’t find a good book”, “I’d rather do something fun…” (cue Percy):


And the list goes on and on, and before we know it, days and weeks and months pass without our reading a good spiritual book.  And soon enough the very thought of picking up a book is somewhat repugnant…(cue Percy):


Perhaps some of you are relating to this?

Well, if so, then this new blog is just the thing for you!

Here at Our Lady of Solitude Monastery, most of the Sisters are voracious readers!  We have a time for spiritual reading carved into each and every day.  30 minutes, rain or shine.  And that is just what the horarium requires of us, but most days find the Sisters reading for much more than this.

csWhat do we read?  Holy Scripture, spiritual reading books, history books, biographies, fiction, and so on and so forth.  Each of us has very diverse reading tastes and the end result is a fantastic library with a WIDE variety of books.

Through our Amazon wishlist and the generosity of so many people, we are blessed with an expanding library.  As a little thank you to all of you who donated books AND as a resource for those of you looking for good books, we are beginning the READING REVERIE BOOK REVIEW BLOG.  We hope you enjoy!

The first READING REVERIE BOOK REVIEWS to follow soon…