To devote ourselves to Jesus in the Eucharist, to the Church, to the interests of the glory of God, to the extension of the Kingdom of Our Lord, these are our duties.  As adoring souls, we must lead all souls to Jesus, but principally the souls of priests.  All those who have the care of souls should be the object of our supplication. To reach sinners, holy priests are needed; to direct chosen souls, holy priests are needed; and for us too, for the fervor of our little Community, holy priests are needed. Finally, who will give us Jesus in the Sacrament of Love if not the priest?”
– Mother Marie de Ste. Claire, PCPA Foundress

As Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, it is the long standing tradition of our Order that intercession for priests holds pride of place in our prayer.  As a means of entering more intentionally into this fundamental aspect of our life, we invite all priests (or those who would like to request prayers for priests) to fill out the form below, in order that we might pray for you by name.


Priest Prayer Request Form

  • Is there a specific intention for which we can pray? Or if there is a specific date that you are requesting special prayers, let us know. Please note: only the Sisters will read these intentions. Otherwise they will be kept confidential.

The vocation to be a spiritual mother for priests is largely unknown, scarcely understood and, consequently, rarely lived, notwithstanding its fundamental importance. It is a vocation that is frequently hidden,invisible to the naked eye, but meant to transmit spiritual life. – Cardinal Hummes

(To learn more about Eucharistic Adoration for priests and spiritual maternity, click here)

I want souls who are dedicated with fervor, with determination and without looking for rest, to plead day and night for my priests. – Jesus to Ven. Concepción Cabrera de Armida