Desert Nuns
Our First Tonopah Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration! Our Monastery Christmas: Fr. Fred Adamson celebrating Midnight Mass, Carols in the Chapel, and Veneration of the relic of the Crib of Jesus. There are moments in life when just for a moment time seems to stop, all of creation seems to hold its breath, and the silence... [Read more...]

A Promise is a Promise

On Saturday, December 4th, Fr. Matt Lowry arrived in Tonopah AZ with a few car loads of college students from Northern Arizona University.  They accepted the invitation to COME AND SEE the marvels of the Lord in this far away place of solitude and prayer.  After three hours in the car and a jostling ride on about 5 miles of dirt roads, they came at... [Read more...]

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

This blog is going to be a bit of a mish mash of this and that!  So, on your mark, get set, let’s blog!!! Wish List:  Firstly, as you may have noted, we recently posted a wish list.  More recently, we added a link to the Moon Valley Nursery site, with a customized Wish List of some of the larger landscaping needs!  Here is the link: Moon Valley... [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving!  We hope and pray that you and your family have a very blessed day of gratitude and joy.  We will be celebrating our first Thanksgiving in Tonopah.  Since entering the Monastery (for many of us that was about 15 years ago), we have celebrated Thanksgiving with our dear priest friends from... [Read more...]

YES…We Have Moooooved In

Sr. Augustine Marie and Sr. Marie Andre standing inside the door of our new dwelling: Angelica House – named of course after our beloved Mother Mary Angelica Well here we are in Tonopah Arizona!  We’ve been here about 2 weeks, which is hard to believe!  Time flies when you are unpacking boxes!!!  It seems like it has just been... [Read more...]

New Beginnings

YES…It’s finally happened!  We’ve moved…or are in the very concrete process of moving.  Suffice it to say that as of November 1st, we officially will be Tonopah residents.  (Insert cheering, screams of excitement, joyful hoorays) Please make note of our new address: Poor Clares of Perpetual AdorationOur Lady of Solitude MonasteryP.O.... [Read more...]

St. Therese and the Priesthood Reflections, Part IV

Final Reflection on St. Therese and the Priesthood. Love Is Poor In the Sermon on the Mount, Our Lord exclaimed: “Blessed are the Poor In Spirit…theirs is the Kingdom of God.” As St. Therese made spiritual childhood her own, so she made her own poverty of spirit. She aspires to be nothing more than “a poor little child” who looks... [Read more...]

St. Therese and the Priesthood Reflections, Part III

St. Therese and the Priesthood Reflections, Part III The Nuns with Br. Francis, our spiritual brother, and Barbara Campbell, mother of Sr. Andre and Sr. St. Paul Love Unites Love unites souls.  Revisiting St. Therese’s definition of Love: “Love is uniting my will to God’s Will.” we realize why we are so united to those who share... [Read more...]

Love Empowers, Love Understands

St. Therese and the Priesthood Reflections, Part II Fr. Joseph Mary, Br. Paul, and Br. Justin helping Sr. Esther celebrate her birthday on Sept. 19th Love Empowers: There is an amazing phenomenon amongst priests.  I am sure it has been the case for quite a while, but its something that just struck me recently: Priests LOVE St. Therese. ... [Read more...]

Sancte Pater Francisce

Written by Sr. Marie Andre on October 3, 2010 Our Lady of Solitude Chapel’s encaustic tile of St. Francis’ encounter with Our Lord: “Go and Rebuild My Church” One of the many things I admire in our holy father Francis is his ability to be himself.  He could be who he was:  simple and humble and perhaps even be looked... [Read more...]

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