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    Welcome to Our Lady of Solitude Monastery and Chapel. Here in silence and solitude, we spend our life at the Feet of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. As contemplative nuns, our main work is adoration of our Beloved and prayerful intercession for the Church and the world at large.

    Being a part of the Diocese of Phoenix, we pray for the needs of Bishop Thomas Olmsted and the local Church. We are dedicated, as well, to intercession for all priests.

    Our Lady of Solitude Chapel is open to the public for daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.

Desert Nuns

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update09 A Fence, Some Shade, and Lots of People

For the past few months, there has been much going on in way of site improvements!  The most significant is an enclosure fence around the perimeter of the property.  For years this fence has been the constant refrain of our prayers – and now…it is in place and looks WONDERFUL!  The remaining portion of the actual enclosure demarcation will be installed after... Read More

holyweekschedule Please join us…

Also, please save the date for the following events: May Crowning at Our Lady of Solitude after Mass on Sunday, May 11th at 10 a.m. All children under 15 are welcome to bring a flower for Our Lady. After Mass, the children will process up to the statue of Mary with their flowers. Our Lady will then be crowned. Solemnity of Corpus Christi on Sunday , June 22nd @ 10 a.m.,... Read More

manbornblind Jesus and Action Verbs

       The Lord anointed my eyes: I went, I washed, I saw and I believed in God.” (Communion Antiphon from 4th Sunday of Lent) Before I realized the Lord was calling me to the contemplative religious life, I wanted to be an English teacher.  I love WORDS (and punctuation too, for that matter)!  And if I had to pick one particular set of words that I love the... Read More

photo 3 A Woman’s Work

We received a comment on a former post asking for our thoughts on what a woman’s role is to be in the Church.  In particular, how a woman can be more active in the Church.  I can think of no better day to write this post! – Today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation…when the greatest work ever done by a woman was accomplished: Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. ... Read More

DSCN2307 Lent is Upon Us

The Gospel is the real antidote to spiritual destitution: wherever we go, we are called as Christians to proclaim the liberating news that forgiveness for sins committed is possible, that God is greater than our sinfulness, that he freely loves us at all times and that we were made for communion and eternal life. - from Pope Francis message for Lent 2014 Even though Lent is... Read More

2014logo copy copy Last Chance for Early Bird Discount

The early bird gets the worm – or so the saying goes!  In this case, the early bird saves $5!  Today (Feb. 22nd)  is the last day to get the early bird discount for Nun Run Registrations. Also, have you been reading Sr. John-Mark’s blogs over at the site?  She’s a faithful blogger, keeping everyone up to date on Nun Run News.  Check... Read More

life2 Just call me a paparazzi

This blog post is long in coming.  Life got rather busy!  I have 2 blog posts started (according to the subjects requested in recent comments) – and I promise they are coming (one post on dryness in prayer and another on our identity as ‘woman’ – and living that out in the Church).  Thanks for your patience.  But this post will not fly to such lofty... Read More

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