Join us as we celebrate St. Francis of Assisi

  • September 25th – October 3rd:  Novena of St. Francis of Assisi.  Submit your novena intentions in the form belowIf you’d like to join in praying the St. Francis Novena, click here.
  • Tuesday, October 3rd @ 4 p.m. Silent Eucharistic Holy Hour with the Nuns
  • Tuesday, October 3rd @ 5 p.m. Transitus of Our Holy Father St. Francis – with First Vespers, Reading of the Account of His Passing, and Veneration of His First Class Relic.  Celebrant: Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap.
  • Wednesday, October 4th @ 8 a.m. Holy Mass for the Solemnity of Our Holy Father.  Celebrant: Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap.

St. Francis of Assisi Novena

Kindly let us know how we can pray for you during this Novena to our beloved Holy Father St. Francis

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