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When the Saints come marchin’ in…

June 26, 2013 by  
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We have some absolutely incredible news…ready?kateri

OK!  – All of the remaining stained glass windows are currently in production…AND…all of them (EXCEPT for St. Kateri – see below for more details on that) are completely financed.  We would like to offer our HEARTY THANKS to all of you wonderful donors out there, who helped turn this dream into a reality!

And, (yes, we are just full of good news today), Bovard Studios in Iowa are working hard to have them all installed by the end of the Year of Faith (October 2013).  Please keep this in your prayers.

Enjoy some pics of the progress below.  More to follow soon.

Soon those Saints will be marchin into their proper places in our Chapel – and our hearts are REJOICING at the prospect.

Please help us by making a donation – big or ‘small’ – toward St. Kateri, the one remaining window!  Click here for a full write-up and weekly donation amount updates for our St. Kateri Window.

Or simply click the “donate button” below to make a donation toward the completion of the window.


kateri_quoteglass_therese glass_therese2glass_maxglass_edith

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3 Responses to “When the Saints come marchin’ in…”
  1. Wesley says:

    WOW GOD IS GREAT !!! You all are in the desert doing God’s work and he is Blessing you in abundance …. The peace this must bring to you all WOW again

  2. James says:

    Hi Sister, dear souls. That is quite inspiring; gifts from kind charitable souls. I’m sure when the Sun shines through it will be heavily.. beautiful. God bless!

  3. Chris Dieter says:

    I’m very excited to be a part of the wonderful place you have. I hope that I may be the one picked to install the rest of the windows. Stay cool!

    Chris Dieter
    Bovard Studio
    Fairfield, IA

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