Hail! I hope this finds everyone well, and bearing the heat for the love of God! This is a first! I have actually ‘beat’ the web mistress in posting pictures before her!!! The above action-shots are from this morning when three of our Phoenix Seminarians; Matt Henry, Rev. Mr. Robert Bolding and John Parks, joined us for Mass. After a hardy breakfast we did what sisters do best…we put them to work! They graciously accepted the challenge of opening (if that is what you could call it) a newly arrived crate from Alexander. (You know Alexander, our wood-carver from Italy). They went about it with all tenacity and intelligence and managed to pull Our Lady and Jesus out unscathed!!! The only thing they broke was a sweat…it’s not as easy as it looks. The above statue was commissioned for our new monastery. Her final resting place will be in a Lady Shrine inside our Enclosure Door, where they will reign as the King and Queen of our home. Thanks you guys, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Friends, friends and MORE friends…can we ever have enough? Actually the friends in this picture fall more into the category of FAMILY! From the right it is Rita Lee, Srs. St Paul and Esther M, Rita’s sister Marianne, George (Rita’s and Marianne’s Dad), Brad (Marianne’s Hubby) and Conner Lee (one of Rick and Rita Lee’s sons…not pictured are Ronnie- George’s wife, Rick, Ryan, who is Conner’s twin and Ally their daughter.) Marianne and Brad were visiting from Connecticut and everyone was home from college so we seized the morning and spent some time together. From decorating tips to financial advice to opening their home to us when we have to make really late airport runs -the Lee’s are always there for us! WE LOVE YOU’S ALL!

The following pictures really speak for themselves, really can any words capture the cuteness bundled up in these two white pups!!!! They are growing like weeds, but are still 100% PUPPY!!! Don’t be fooled by these two lounge lizards, they are always ready to play and have an endless supply of energy…even at 4:50 AM!

What could be greater fun than this? A giant cardboard box is like a goldmine to two tiny, teething, wiggly Westies. They ‘mined’ this box for at least a week until the ‘No-Lady'(that’s me) got fed up cleaning up the mess and pitched it! They just went to the vets, and Percy (pictured above) is tipping the scale at 11.8 lbs. And Fergus is a whopping 13.8 lbs.!

OK. I think I’ll close for now. Our two travelers leave for Australia this Saturday…please accompany them, as well as the Holy Father and all those attending in your prayers. This is a spiritual outpouring for the whole Church and if you can, try to catch some of the coverage on EWTN. (for scheduling check out http://www.ewtn.com/) I know they will carry you in their prayers as well! Make sure you check out the website for Sr Marie St Paul’s first entry in St Paul’s Corner; in honor of the Year of St Paul. We remain yours in the Heart of the Church-Sr Mary Blogger