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EWTN Youtube of Chapel Dedication!

May 14, 2011 by  
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To all those who made inquiries: as far as I know, EWTN is not offering a dvd of the dedication for purchase. However, if that changes we will let you know. In the meantime, here is the youtube version.  ENJOY! 
Click here to read the text of Bishop Olmsted’s homily

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5 Responses to “EWTN Youtube of Chapel Dedication!”
  1. Dominican says:

    Congratulations, dear Sisters! What a beautiful chapel!
    Your Summit Dominican Sisters

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful!!! You should all be very proud. I know Our Lord is proud of you…blessings!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I watched the video on EWTn’s YouTube channel-beautiful!

    I loved the music, especially ‘How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place’ from Brahms’ ‘Requeim’ and “I Was Glad’ by Parry! My jaw fell open when I heard the latter, so soon after the Royal Wedding in England!

    I also saw the statues of the Saints on the altar-I spotted among others, St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas More! Woo Hoo!

    Lovely Mass, lovely ceremony, and lovely chapel!

    Barb from NY

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was heartbroken after watching ETWN coverage of the dedication that the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament enthroned was not opened for all to see and worship. When Hanceville shrine was dedicated, the highlight was seeing our Eucharistic Lord enthroned so beautifully. Such a disappointment to the beautiful dedication otherwise.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations sisters on making the the life of Christ and His work here on earth manifest for all to see.

    Sr. Kasandra, ESEH

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