Praised be Jesus Christ! I hope this finds you all well. I am sitting here with a steaming cup of hot tea, on an even steamier yet beautiful summer day at Our Lady of Solitude. I pray that your Eastertide has been a joyous one, and as it will be drawing to a close with the celebration of Pentecost May 11th, that it has found us all closer to Christ and the overwelming mystery of His Love. Speaking of Pentecost, just to remind everyone, the novena starts Friday, May 2nd…let us join our voices with the whole Church and take our places with Our Lady and the Apostles praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit. That He may descend on each of our hearts, our families, our countries and the WHOLE WORLD and share with us the Fire of His love, and His fruits…I think most especially of PEACE.

Also, please check out the website for more imformation on a new document that has been released by the Congregation for the Clergy(Rome)…it is something very dear to us as consecrated religious, but applies to every woman no matter her vocation. These documents concern spiritual materninty and the sanctification of the clergy. You can download them from our website. For as St Edith Stein reminds us that ‘a woman no matter her state in life, her age, or her ‘sphere of influence’ is at all times a mother’. Neither age, nor barrenness nor virginity is an obstacle to spiritual maternity. Thank you Jesus for the gift of the priesthood!!!!

Thanks for blogging on, feel free to leave your comments or any questions you might have. Which reminds me…some have asked about the cats and how they’re taking to the new pups. Their feline lives have changed very little, and are unaffected by the two new additions, as they have their room in a seperate part of the house, and are outside most of the day. They are well, and loving all the lizards and bugs this warm weather is bringing.

Be assured of our prayers for you and all your’s. Until next time…

Your’s in the Heart of Jesus, Sr Mary Blogger

Well, here you have it the photo that this blog is named for. It is Fr.Jim and Fr Mike, from the Diocese of Toronto. They are part of our beloved Canadian Connection.

“OK, I might be small, but really I am a lethal weapon!” Fergus, the mighty snake slayer.

Welcome Fr Matthias, a fellow Franciscan and dear friend, and dos-lover to boot. You can come anytime to see your new friends!!!