Ok. I don’t know about y’all; but come the Fifth week of Lent and I usually start reviewing how I have ‘owned up’ to all the things I promised the Lord I would do at the beginning. In all honesty, I have to admit I have not had the pluck to follow through with much of anything I had decided on…and most of my little penances I took on have fallen somewhere on the path during this Lenten journey. Of course, I could be discouraged, but then I realized the penances are not an end in themselves but the means to the end, namely that I come to experience my weakness and littleness…and the joy that comes from saying from my heart…’God’s grace is sufficient for me. In my weakness, HE IS STRONG!’. Not that I am advocating throwing the ‘penitential towel’ in, or renigging on putting forth the effort or really struggling against our weaknesses. But I know personally, that sometimes I can be trying to impress myself and others or basing my spiritual progress on external things…basically inflating my pride. As we prepare to enter Holy Week, we can ask ourselves what does Our Lord really want from me? I think it would be safe to say what He wants is our love, compassion and COMPANIONSHIP. Let us make sure that we make room for Him, that in faith we remain with Him in the Garden, that we support Him on the Way of the Cross, that we pour out to Him our sorrow, filled with gratitude that He has purchased our lives with so much pain and anguish. That we take our place with Our Lady of Solitude at the tomb and strengthened by her hope, await the glorious Resurrection of her Son, Our Lord Jesus. Every instant of our lives finds its meaning and fulfillment in this approaching week.

We have been busy beavers this last couple months(I pray you all will accept that as my excuse for not blogging in lately!!). We had our annual communal retreat in mid-Feb with Fr. Maruisz Koch and Br Andrew both from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal(franciscanfriars.com). It was a blessed week of insightful spiritual conferences and Franciscan fellowship!!! Just what the Divine Doctor ordered.

Literally the day after our retreat ended we were triply blessed with a visit from three of ‘our’ Friars; Fr Anthony Mary(the community servant) with two of the novices Brs. Paschal and Luke. And what a week it was. The two Brothers being avid outdoorsman(and gluttons for adventure!) hiked the Grand Canyon and spent the night at the bottom! They are the first of the Friars to do this, so I am sure they did a lot of boasting when they went back to Alabama.

We would like you to formally welcome aboard to the OLS building project our new General Contractor Jeff. Let’s all give him a hand with our prayerful support…he’s got quite a job ahead of him working with five Poor Clare Nuns who have no problem giving their opinion. Seriously, we are very thrilled to have him working on the project as he is a ‘crackerjack’ construction ace and a very faithful and zealous Catholic…so he understands the workings of Providence, which very often ‘humanly’ don’t make sense. While we are waiting for the building permits Jeff is working on site-prep which includes digging the well and building the Enclosure Wall that will surround the property. This is a big step for us as we do not have all the funds needed, we ask your prayers and for all those who have financially helped in the past, we humbly ask that you consider donating again. Please know that we are most appreciative of your support, and nothing is too small, the Lord multiplies everything given with love a hundred fold. Check out Dreams to Reality… https://desertnuns.com/medieval_fundraising2.htm
Wishing you and all your’s a blessed Holy week and JOYOUS Easter. See you at the empty tomb!

In the heart of Jesus and Mary-Sr Mary Blogger