May 13th, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, was a very special day for us!  It was the day that we signed the contract with the construction company…and took that next step toward turning this dream into a reality!  
Our beloved Bishop, Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, was visiting with us on that day, so we took advantage of his presence and asked him to pray with us as we prepared to take this sign the contract and begin construction. (see below)

Then Sr. Marie Andre put the pen to the paper and signed the contract…and now we are awaiting the permits.  As soon as they come through, it’s full steam ahead with the construction of the Chapel!  

We are still fundraising for the 2 homes.  One will be used for a temporary dwelling for the nuns (it will allow us to accept 3 more vocations) and one will be used as a retreat house for priests.  Interested in helping?  Please email us at [email protected]
We all are rejoicing and thanking the Lord for all He has accomplished here!  We thank Him for the graces He has so generously given us, so that we have the courage to follow His lead.  

It is always an adventure to follow Christ!  He leads us down paths that we would never dare to walk alone!  That is how it has been with this Foundation from the very beginning.  He is accomplishing great and wonderful things…and He is using us – His little and weak instruments- to do so!