St. Therese’s Face-Palm

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In 4th grade, I made it to the final round of our class spelling bee.  Mr. McGee was wielding the spelling list like a sword, trying to take one of us down so as to proclaim a winner.  But word after word, my opponent and I kept the spelling bee buzzing.  Until... Mr. McGee [...]

To Remain

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Recently my mom shared with me a cute little story about one of my young nieces. The story goes: The family was enjoying a day of swimming and fun in their pool with both sets of grandparents. Dinnertime came with the hopes of getting back in the pool afterward. However, dinner was longer than [...]

Radiant Bride of Christ

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With high praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God, we are happy to share with you that on December 12, 2016, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sr. John-Mark Maria became a perpetually professed Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration. Our much beloved Bishop Olmsted celebrated the Mass of Profession along with Bishop Nevares and over a [...]

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. -GK Chesterton Ever since I was a little girl (and my brother freed me from those cumbersome training wheels) I have always loved a nice long bike ride - the peace, quiet, wind in my hair (or now in my veil!) and the open road. I was [...]

This, That, & the Other Thing

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Things here at Our Lady of Solitude have been quite busy!  So this is a "catch-up" blog, reaching as far back as May!  My heavens! - where has the time gone?!?! May Crowning:  May Crowning is always such a beautiful day and this year was no exception.  Some of our local Tonopah children brought "flowers [...]

2 Peas in a Pod: St. Francis and Pope Francis

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The message of Jesus is mercy.  For me, and I say this with humility, it is the Lord's strongest message." - Pope Francis In the life of St. Francis of Assisi, we see how the Mercy of God met him in his darkest hours.  Not only meeting him, but redeeming him, transforming him, filling him [...]

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