This is just a quick post to encourage you this Lent: LET THE LORD LOVE YOU!  Because there is really NOTHING that compares with His Love…when we just let Him love us!  Here’s a bit of proof:

Each Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (and every Friday in Lent for that matter) for as long as I’ve been a Nun (and much longer than that, I’m quite sure!), our evening fast day fare is a baked potato.  This year, when I realized that Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine’s Day, I admit that I was a little bummed.  As the community cook, I always try make the Sisters a nice, festive meal to celebrate.  Anyway, I thought: “Well, that’s that! Baked potatoes for Valentine’s day.” 

Little did I know, but the Lord was preparing the Feast for us this year.  Here’s the true story: I got a bag of idaho potatoes from the store for our Ash Wednesday meal.  You can imagine my surprise – my utter DELIGHT and SURPRISE – when I emptied the bag into our potato bin and found this:Yes, it is a potato heart!  Only the Divine Bridegroom could prepare and deliver such a surprise this Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday!  He has been preparing it for so long a time…in some field in Idaho.  In His Providence, He made sure that that bag was put on a truck headed toward Buckeye, AZ.  Then made sure that my hand picked the right bag.  And voila – BEST VALENTINE’S DAY SURPRISE EVER!

What can I say: “The Lord knows how to love us!” 

Eat your heart out, people! – or maybe just eat a potato 😉