Greetings fellow pilgrims as we travel together our Lenten pilgrimage. We are heading into the 4th week of Lent, which starts off with Laetare Sunday. Laetare!,or  Rejoice!, the Church puts on our lips at this halfway mark. It is a call to us full of depth and promise…and not just because we’re closer to eating that chocolate or drinking that beer that we gave up for lent. But Rejoice!, because Christ loves us, and has offered Himself for us and we are about to be caught-up in that reality again these last couple weeks of lent, and especially Holy Week. Rejoice!, because we have been bought and ransomed at a infinite price, the precious Blood of Christ. 

WELL, WELL, WELL…Kudos and profound thanks to Richard Le Blanc, his family and all at Yellow Jacket Drilling Services who have generously donated their services to dig our well. They ‘hit’ water at about 650 ft, but are digging to about 750 ft for good measure! It was so fantastic to see water pouring from our property, an apt image for the ‘living water’ that Christ will give to refresh all who come to the chapel. With the permission of Bishop Olmsted we, with a couple of our friends were privileged to attend an ‘open-air’ mass for the first time at our property. Our loyal friend Fr James Parker, of the Rockford, IL diocese was the celebrant as we joined our hearts together at mass invoking the intercession of the strong protector of the Holy Family and master carpenter, yes, our beloved St Joseph. We are awaiting the permits from the county, and then look out…it’s full steam ahead in building the chapel with Haydon Building Corp leading the way.
 Be assured of our prayers for you all, especially those who are experiencing hardship because of the state of our economy. These are the times that try us and   we need to look to find our peace and security in the One who does not change, Jesus Our Lord. We are all in this boat together, being tossed about by the same winds, but Jesus is in the boat with us and He will see us safely to shore.